Sandy Liang

A Coach. Your Teammate.

Let's do fitness and let's do it our way. #FitLivin



When I first met Sandy, I thought I would do personal training for a few months to lose some weight and get in shape. But by the end of my first 10 weeks with Sandy, I knew I would be an athlete for the rest of my life. Sandy not only helped me reach my goals - she helped me become my BEST self! Now I have been training with Sandy for over 3 years. Our sessions are always one of my favorite parts of the week. Sandy is a dedicated and thoughtful trainer. She is always present during our sessions and pays close attention to every detail when I am doing an exercise. Sandy always seems to know when to push me harder, and gets me to reach new levels of strength that I didn't think I could! She is flexible and constantly adapts my training plans to meet my changing goals and needs. Sandy also teaches me to be self-aware so that I can work independently and feel confident and safe when I'm training alone. She is patient when I am struggling and gives me the positive reinforcement I need when I get down on myself. I always leave our sessions feeling motivated and excited about training!